MCI (Mission Consultants International) is a collaborative partnership comprised of skilled professionals who desire to bless humanitarian groups and missionaries with low cost assistance. We specialize in a wide range of skills.   
Sean Sanborn After observing and participating in ministries throughout SE Asia for over 17 years I am convinced that the most important role of a missionary is to empower the indigenous church. Too often, outsiders recklessly smash forward with good intentions only to cause hurt and division with only minimal positive results. Out of ignorance many people are “re-inventing the wheel,” when what is really needed is humble unity. With that in mind, may I present Mission Consultants.

            Our goal is to determine what ministries are being offered so that people in need can know where to turn for help and so that people with similar visions can link with each other in unity. To list your ministry with us, click here.
            We shall also assemble a team of consultants called Liaison Teams. Our teams will consist of experts with advanced skills who desire to use their giftings to bless ministries. Each volunteer consultant is under no obligation. We know that each member will help whenever they are able. To join our team of consultants, click here.

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Ministries that I have consulted for:


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